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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Catabaptism in the Presbyterian Church in America

Context of the work:  Catabaptism in the Presbyterian Church in America (excerpted from Dr Lee’s 1990 dissertation Rebaptism Impossible! – To read the full excerpt, click “Download” below.

The PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) is this present writer’s former denomination.   Before the 1982 merger with the anticatabaptist RPCUS, the larger PCA was a mixture of knowledgeable anticatabaptistic orthodox Calvinians, catabaptistic Neo-Thornwellians, baptismally indifferent Quasi-Independents, and assorted Crypto-Baptists openly tolerating if not covertly supporting the rebaptizing overseas of both Catholics and Protestants by non-denominational submersionistic and antipaidobaptistic missionary societies preying on PCA contributions.

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