The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Catechism for Converting Paedocommunionists

– 1 –

Here we shall show:  that Paedocommunion is irreconcilable with the Ontological Trinity; with God’s Pre-Mosaic revelations; with the Mosaic Exodus; and with the Post-Exodus Pentateuch.   It is irreconcilable also with God’s revelations from Judges to Jeremiah, and from Ezekiel to Christ’s Advent.   It is irreconcilable with the youth of Christ Himself; with His Own mature teachings; and with the Acts of the Apostles.

Paedocommunion is irreconcilable further: with First Corinthians one to ten; with First Corinthians eleven; and with First Corinthians chapters 12 to 16.   It is irreconcilable with Paul’s other Epistles, with the Book of Hebrews, and with writings of Luke and John.

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