Catechism for Converting Paedocommunionists

Q. 55.   Exodus 12:37 speaks of 600 000 "men – beside children" clinging to mothers. A. 55.   Such 600 000 was the "count" for the eating of the passover lamb (at Exodus 12:4)

Q. 56.   Wasn’t the Passover, like the Supper which replaced it, for ‘whosoever will’? A. 56.   No, Exodus 12:43-45 say: "No stranger shall eat of it" and "a hired servant shall not."

Q. 57.   Doesn’t Exodus 12:44 says one’s purchased slave in one’s home may eat of it? A. 57.   Only after being circumcised and, as we shall see, also being catechized.