Catechism for Converting Paedocommunionists

Q. 24.   Did anyone before teenage ever bring a sacrifice to God, before the Passover? A. 24.   No, all of those sacrificing back then – were mature males alone.

Q. 25.   Mention the names of some of those men who brought sacrifices? A. 25.   Adam, Abel, Noah, Abram, Isaac, and Jacob or Israel (Genesis 25:21 to 35:14).

Q. 26.   And did Jacob or Israel teach his mature sons the Israelites to sacrifice? A. 26.   He certainly did so teach those Israelites (Genesis 46:1-4; 46:32-34; 47:3f; 49:11f; 50:8).

Paedocommunion irreconcilable with the Mosaic Exodus