Christians Overcome Papacy and Islam

For Daniel had been informed by a divinely-inspired angel in 538 B.C., that the seventy years of Israelitic exile in Babylon would be followed – after a further space of time – by a period seven times that long.34   And this, as pointed out in the 270 B.C. Alexandrine Greek Septuagint of Daniel's prophecy,35 is a period of exactly 490 years.

This period of 490 years (as seven times that period of seventy years previously mentioned), was to run 'from (the time of) the going forth of the commandment to restore and to (re-)build Jerusalem — until (the time of) Messiah the Prince.'36   This 490 years represented ten jubilees, each lasting 49 years.   It was, said Daniel, a period of 'seven "weeks" and threescore and two (or 62) "weeks"' of years – (thus totalling 69 weeks-of-years) to be followed by one final week-of-years which would last for the final seven years of those 490 years.