Christians Overcome Papacy and Islam

Twenty years ago, Communist Theoreticians assumed our World would begin to pass from socialism into the "happier" condition of future communism – by or soon after about A.D. 2000. This, they believed, might occur at the 2017 centenary of the 1917 Red takeover in Russia.2

Many modern Western thinkers of a secularistic persuasion (such as Spengler, Wells, Huxley, Orwell, Vacca, Drucker, Stent, Cornuelle, Toffler, Kahn, Wiener and many others) —


have sensed the coming of a new age at or around the end of the twentieth century.3   There have been significant world events at the sunset of the twentieth and the rise of the twenty-first century – at the end of the second and the start of the third Christian millennium to which the famous Neo-Puritan Arthur W. Pink referred above.