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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Culture in Biblical Perspective (Outline)

Author’s contextual statement and outline for Culture in Biblical Perspective – To read the extended outline, click “Download” below.

This is a 1976 chronological outline for an expansion of my article Kultuur en Godsdiens and my books Calvin on the Sciences and Man’s Origin and Destiny and The Central Significance of Culture – after the latter was approved by Potchefstroom University for my M.A. status in Culture (Kultuurkunde) under the direction of Professor Drs. C.N. Venter, E. Botha, and S.C.W. Duvenage.   I had envisaged then greatly expanding this outline into a D.Culture dissertation under Professor Venter, but after his untimely death I dropped that project    Now myself retired, I may (Lord willing) yet expand this outline into a book for non-degree purposes so as further to develop the cultural views of Augustine, Calvin, Bavinck, Kuyper, Hepp, Dooyeweerd, Stoker, Niebuhr, Schaeffer, Schilder, A.A. van Ruler, Ellul, Venter, Van Til, Rushdoony, North, Kline, van Riessen, la Rondelle and others in a cosmos-embracing eschatological perspective.

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