Review of Thornwell’s The Validity of the Baptism of the Church of Rome

BOOK REVIEW – The  Validity  of  the  Baptism  of  the Church of Rome, abridged  from J.H. Thornwell, and with a Foreword by John MacLeod. Focus Christian Ministries Trust, 1991.  

Editor Tony Home asked me to review the above for a 1992 issue of The Presbyterian.   Apart from the Foreword, it’s an 87-page abridgement of Thornwell’s 1846 130-page monograph.

Previously, I myself replied to Thornwell’s arguments in full — in my own 540-page doctoral dissertation Rebaptism  Impossible!    There, I also dealt with the vital and almost pre-emptively important baptismal controversies of Stephen vs. Cyprian and Augustine vs. Donatism and Calvin vs. the Catabaptists — with none of which Thornwell deals.