Did God Die on Calvary?

Wesley the Arminian later resurrected Theopaschitism. A few ill-chosen lines in his otherwise great hymn And can it be?, reveal this heresy. Here are those lines. (1) "Amazing grace! And can it be – that Thou, myGod, shouldst die for me?"; (2) "’Tis mysteryall! The Immortal dies"; and (3) "Emptied Himself of all but love."

The fact is, however, it was not God but Wesley who died! God did not die – because He cannot die (First Timothy1:17 & 6:14-16). To claim with Wesley that "the Immortal dies" – is like claimingthatGodWhoisLight could becomedarkness(contra FirstJohn 1:5b). AndthoughChrist indeed ‘emptied Himself’ (Philippians 2:7), He certainly did not at Calvary – as Wesley claims He did – empty Himself of His immortality and His omnipotence etc. and of "all but love."