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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Muhammad in the Bible?

What follows, is a Commendation of Muhammad in the Bible? – Were Muhammad and Islam prophesied in the Christian Scriptures?  To read the full text (Parts 1-5), click “Download” below.

I cordially want to recommend Muhammad in the Bible? In this book, Mr. Lee offers us two studies – viz. “Is Muhammad the promised Prophet of Deuteronomy 18?”; and “Is Muhammad the promised Comforter of John 14 to 16?”

The question has already been asked between Muslims and Christians as to whether the Bible speaks about Muhammad. From the side of Islam, it has been alleged that the Bible indeed speaks [positively] about Muhammad – but that Christians do not see this, or do not want to see this. Now the question is: Are Muslims right when they allege that certain portions of the Bible speak [thus] about Muhammad?

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