Peter: No Pope, or Pentecostalist, but Protestant!

The Gospel-writer John Mark (circa A.D. 60?) seems to have been the Secretary of the Apostle Peter.3258   In a real sense, the Gospel of Mark could thus be called the Gospel of Peter. From that perspective, there are thus some four ‘Petrine ‘writings — Mark’s Gospel; the ‘Petrine’ Acts 1 to 15; First Peter; and Second Peter.    Cf. First Peter 5:13 and Second Peter 3:1. 

In their writings, all of which seem to have been inscripturated during the sixties of the first century A.D., both Peter and Mark (just like Matthew) eye-witnessed the practices and teachings of Jesus.   The Apostle Peter’s Secretary Mark’s Gospel too is full of the Holy Ghost.   For the Spirit inspired Mark — through Peter? — accurately to record deeds of the Spirit-filled Jesus.