Peter: No Pope, or Pentecostalist, but Protestant!

Together with the above writings, we could well include Jude’s Epistle too.   Though apparently not Himself an Apostle,3259 Jude does call himself "the servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James" the half-brother of Jesus3260 — and was himself probably also a Spirit-filled half-brother of the Spirit-filled Jesus Christ.3261  

In addition, there are among the New Testament Books also the Non-Synoptic Writings of the inspired Apostle John.   Viz.: his Gospel; his three Epistles; and his Book of Revelation.

– 1213 –

Now in the Synoptic Gospel of the Apostle  Matthew, the Newer Testament is anchored in the Spirit-recorded genealogy of the Messiah (during the times of the Older Testament).3262 Then Matthew’s account goes on to say3263 that Mary "was found [pregnant] with child from the Holy Ghost."   Yet the angel of the Lord assured her espoused Joseph, that "what had been conceived in her is from the Holy Ghost."