The Christian Foundations of Australia

'Happy the child whose tender years receive instruction well; who hates the sinner's path, and fears the road that leads to hell!'

Lauchlin Macquarie was succeeded in 1821 by Governor Sir Thomas Brisbane. He too was a Scot; a graduate of the University of Edinburgh; an avid mathematician; and a keen astronomer. According to Manning Clark,31 from the earliest days Brisbane had lifted up his eyes toward the Heavens in more senses than one. Those who judged by appearances and what a man gave out about himself — took him as a Christian, a scholar and a gentleman.

For his mind was set on the heavenly prize — for that peace which the world could neither give nor take away. His greatest interest in life was that when the actions of all men were weighed in the balance of eternal doom — his would not be found altogether wanting. Each week he renewed his covenant to be the Lord's, to all eternity.