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The Sixth Point of Calvinism: Eschato-Ethics

What follows, is an extract from the Introduction of The Sixth Point of Calvinism: Eschato-Ethics alias Dordt Decrees Christian Conquest – The commanded Christian conquest of the cosmos as enjoined in the Dordt Dutch Bible by the 1618-19 international ‘T-U-L-I-P’ Synod of Dordt.  To read the full text, click “Download” below.

The great Synod of Dordt of A.D. 1618-1619 was probably the most famous international meeting of Protestant Church Delegates ever held.

True, Dordt did not sit for as long as did the later All-British Westminster Assembly (which Dordt helped to generate). But Dordt was indeed an international Church Council attended by representatives from all of the Reformed countries or communities in the Civilized World. For delegates were invited not only from all of the United States of the Netherlands — but also from Friesland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Hungary, Poland (Maccovius), and Italy (Diodati). And Dordt drew up the enduring “Five Points of Calvinism” alias the famous “Decrees of Dordt.”

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