The Christian Foundations of Australia

For him, an immortal soul was the unspeakable object of value in human life. He, through the merits of Jesus Christ, would be freely forgiven for all the sins of his life. His maxim was nil desperandum; auspice Deo (never despair; aspire to God)! Thus he hoped to give satisfaction to all classes, and see them reconciled.

The first colonization of Tasmania not with revelry but with worship

In 1804 the Lieutenant-Governor of New South Wales had authorized the settlement of Tasmania. Historian Clark explains32 that the landing was not celebrated by the drinking and the festivities which had marked the arrival at Sydney. At ten o'clock on the Sunday morning the military, convicts, settlers, officers and the Lieutenant-Governor — all assembled to hear the Reverend Knopwood read divine service, preach on the prosperity of the new settlement, and pray to God for a blessing upon the increase of it.