The Non-Preterist Historicalism of John Calvin and the Westminster Standards

"After Daniel has narrated how he saw God on the throne of judgment…., he now adds the second part of the vision. As it were, 'the Son of man appeared in the clouds.' Without doubt, this is to be understood of Christ…. It afterwards follows, 'He came to the Ancient of days.' This, in my judgment, ought to be explained of Christ's ascension. For He then commenced His reign, as we see in numberless passages of Scripture…. He really appeared…'in the clouds'…when He ascended to heaven." Acts 1:8-11.

Thereafter — Calvin continues, commenting on Daniel's predictions about Christ — "'He now arrives at the Ancient of days'…[after] He ascends to heaven…. Christ truly ascended into heaven…. We ought clearly to weigh the purpose of His doing so…. Christ left the world and ascended to the Father — first, to subdue all powers to Himself…; next, to restrain the devil and to protect and preserve the Church….