The Non-Preterist Historicalism of John Calvin and the Westminster Standards

Genesis and Calvin on the historicalism of the very first predictions

When God created the first human beings — He appointed them to have dominion, and blessed them. Genesis 1:26-28. This was not a preteristic suggestion merely to Adam and Eve alone that they dominate solely the garden of Eden. This was a historicistic mandate to the entire human race in every age, to subjugate the entire globe.

As Calvin comments,1 God here "appointed man…lord of the world…. This authority was not given to Adam only, but to all his posterity as well as to him…. Adam with his wife was formed for the production of offspring, in order that men might fill the earth…. The earth everywhere lies open, that it may have its inhabitants — and that an immense multitude of men may find, in some part of the globe, their home."