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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

What Penalty for Child-Molesting and Rape?

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By way of brief Introduction.  I myself own a personally-autographed copy of Chicago’s John Marshall Law School’s Professor of Law Dr. Palmer D. Edwards’s ground-breaking 1959 book  Law and Civilization.   It rightly declares1 that “the principles of the Ten Commandments are at the very heart of any legal system based on justice.   [U.S. President] Woodrow Wilson said that the laws of Moses…contributed suggestions and impulse to the men and institutions which were to prepare the modern world….

“The first five books of the Old Testament, sometimes referred to as the Pentateuch or Torah, are a rich repository of the detailed law of the time with which they dealt, and constitute a fundamental portion of the subsequent Hebrew Law….   The Puritans…appealed to the Word of God as expressed in the Hebrew Scriptures.

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