What Penalty for Child-Molesting and Rape?

"The first five books of the Old Testament, sometimes referred to as the Pentateuch or Torah, are a rich repository of the detailed law of the time with which they dealt, and constitute a fundamental portion of the subsequent Hebrew Law….   The Puritans…appealed to the Word of God as expressed in the Hebrew Scriptures.  

"They opposed the Law of that Word, to man-made laws….  ‘God’s Law’ meant to the Puritans primarily Scripture."   Thus Chicago Law Professor Dr. P.D. Edwards.    

God wrote His Moral Law – including the substance of the Sixth Commandment (‘You shall not murder or violate!’ and the Seventh Commandment (‘You shall not commit adultery or sexual uncleanness!’) into the unfallen Adam’s heart.   As such, it binds him and all of his descendants of all races and religions – for all time.   Hosea 6:7-10 & Romans 2:12-16.