What Penalty for Child-Molesting and Rape?

"Either way, he violated the sacred law of marriage which had been delivered by God.   For God had determined that ‘they two should be one flesh’ [Genesis 2:24]; and that is the perpetual order of nature.   Lamech, with brutal contempt of God, corrupts nature’s laws….   The Lord therefore willed that the corruption of lawful marriage should proceed…from the person of Lamech, in order that polygamists might be ashamed of the example….

"The intention of Moses, is to describe the ferocity of this man….   Far from being terrified by the example of divine judgment which he had seen in his ancestor [Cain], he [Lamech] was only the more hardened….   He had boasted that he had strength and violence enough to slay anyone, even the strongest enemy.   I therefore read thus, ‘I will slay a man for my wound and a young man for my bruise’….