What Penalty for Child-Molesting and Rape?

"As to little children especially, their helplessness and tender age will even protect them from being attacked by dogs and wild beasts….   What shall we think of the monstrous inhumanity of men who would make them [little children] the objects of their assault?… Should it so happen under our own observation that men persecute the stranger, seize the widow, and rob the fatherless – let us, in imitation of the Psalmist…alleviate their misfortunes [and] pray God to undertake their defence!"   Pedophiles and/or pederasts, note well!

In Second Samuel 13:12-32, one reads about Amnon’s rape of Tamar.   King David’s son Absalom quite rightly very strongly deprecated that deed.   But as a non-judge, following the unrighteous example of Levi and Simeon in privately punishing Shechem and others for Shechem’s rape of Dinah, Absalom then wrongly slaughtered Amnon because "he had forced his sister Tamar."