Who is “The (Arch)angel of the Lord”?

Yet even the Romish website http://ic.net/~erasmus/RAZ16.HTMT/ (Angels and Demons) says the ancient view that God the Son is ‘The Angel of the Lord’ — while "not common in Catholic circles" — certainly "is not heretical."   The Catholic Bible Encyclopedia too states: "It will be seen that this ‘Angel of the Lord’ often speaks and acts as Yahweh Himself."


The word ‘Archangel’ is not found in the Older Testament.   There, however, Calvin calls the divine Christ ‘Michael your Prince’ at Daniel 10:13 & 10:21 and at 12:1 & 12:6f.   And the Newer Testament, while acknowledging seraphs and cherubs, mentions only one Archangel or Leader of the angels at First Thessalonians 4:16 and Jude 9 and Revelation 12:5-7.