Baptism and Communion

Paedocommunionism Versus Protestantism

– 1 – “If you vow abstinence from wine…if you have some end in view that is not perverse, no one can disapprove.”   Yet the opposite applies after childhood  – in making  ‘Profession of Faith.’   For “there is one vow common to all believers which, taken in Baptism, we  ‘confirm’ and as it were sanction… Read more »

Calvin versus Child Communion

– 2 – Previously, we have traced the history of Holy Communion during the Middle Ages from Ritualist Deformation to Catechetical Reformation.   We saw that, after the demise of Chrysostom and Augustine around 430 A.D., Neo-Paganism increasingly went on invading the Church and then anti-catechetically effected her progressive degeneration into mediaeval magic and sacramentalistic Paedocommunionism.  … Read more »

The Repudiation of Anabaptism by the Dutch Ex-Anabaptist Leader Obbe Philips

The famous Dutch Anabaptist Obbe Philips was [re-]baptized in 1533 — and himself [re-]baptized and ordained the famous David Joris in 1534 and Menno Simons around 1536. So renowned did Obbe become, that the Dutch Anabaptists were often called Obbenites. After Obbe later withdrew from his own Obbenites, Menno Simons took over the leadership of… Read more »

Summary Against Paedocommunion

Let me state why I, with John Calvin, oppose paedocommunion. But first, to note age thesholds, it would be helpful if the reader would study the following passages preferably in the original Hebrew or Greek: Gen. 2:17-24; 14:13-24; 17:23-27; 22:2-19; Ex. 12:3-4, 8-11, 26-27,37, 43-48; Num. 9:2-13; Prov. 22:6; Lam. 2:12; 4:4; Luke 2:40-52; 22:1-20;… Read more »

Two Hundred Theses Against Transubstantiation

    1. The mediaeval doctrine of Transubstantiation is truly the very heart of the sacramental system in general and of Romanism in particular. This theory holds that at the words of consecration by a priest, bread and wine (while preserving their 'accidents' or appearances as such) become changed into the body and blood and… Read more »