Baptism and Communion

Revealed to Babies: Jesus on Saving Faith in Pre-baptized Covenantal Babies

"Jesus…said: ‘I thank You, O Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth,      because You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent,      and have revealed them to babies!’"   Matthew 11:25.         "Babies cannot believe!"   Thus say many Arminian Baptist Christians.   However, they forget that covenantal children are said to be holy from their very conception onward.  … Read more »

Quarterly Communion at Biblical Seasons Annually – 2001 ed.

'Seasonal Communion' throughout Holy Scripture 'Seasonal Communion' three or four times a year best harmonizes with the totality of Biblical teaching. Indeed, on the very first page of the Holy Bible, Gen. 1:14's "seasons" or moo'a:diym are not just climatic — but also liturgical (as further seen in Lev. 23:4-37 etc.). This is further evident,… Read more »

Quarterly Communion at Annual Seasons – 5th ed. 2003

                                                        INDEX   1.  The Seasons and their annual Feasts root in formation week at Genesis 1:14f  2.  ‘Seasonal Communion’ in Genesis 8:20-22 and thenceforth at the four Seasons  3.  The progressive inception and development of the four Seasonal Feasts  4.  The Passover and the other Seasonal Feasts each held annually  5.  Matthew Henry’s comments… Read more »

Luther on Baptism Against the Anabaptists

– 1 – In his own work Concerning Rebaptism (1528), Luther thrashes the Anabaptists.   They had over-emphasized the subjective and downgraded the objective side of baptism.   Yet, Luther retorted, important as faith is — it is the Word, and not faith, which is the basis of baptism.   Any would-be baptizer who regards faith on the… Read more »

Review of Thornwell’s The Validity of the Baptism of the Church of Rome

BOOK REVIEW – The  Validity  of  the  Baptism  of  the Church of Rome, abridged  from J.H. Thornwell, and with a Foreword by John MacLeod. Focus Christian Ministries Trust, 1991.   Editor Tony Home asked me to review the above for a 1992 issue of The Presbyterian.   Apart from the Foreword, it’s an 87-page abridgement of Thornwell’s… Read more »

Christ’s Great Commission and Infant Salvation

We need to look at Christ's Great Commission.   Just before He gave it, covenant children (paidas) had been praising Jesus.   He Himself had then insisted that God had perfected His praise — even out of the mouth of speech-less in-fants (nepia) and unweaned babies (thelazonta).   Indeed, He soon went on to assure especially the tiny… Read more »

From Circumcision to Baptism – Biblical Refutation of the Baptismal Views of Baptists and Anabaptists

In Holy Scripture,  there is indeed adult baptism — as well as infant baptism.   Yet both — not by saturating from below, but solely by sprinkling from above.   However, there is neither antipaedobaptism nor baptismal regenerationism nor submersionism in God’s Holy Word.  This we shall endeavour to demonstrate adequately below, under ten successive headings. Viz.:… Read more »

The Congruency of ‘Johannine’ and Christian Baptism

 126.  The Older Testament’s predictions of Pentecost Sunday Rev. Dr. James Buchanan was sometime Professor of Systematic Theology at the Free Church College in Scotland’s Edinburgh.   In his famous book The Office and Work of the Holy Spirit, he states:799 "There are many passages in the Old Testament (Psalm 35 & 102:13-22) which are beautifully… Read more »

Catechism for Converting Paedocommunionists

– 1 – Here we shall show:  that Paedocommunion is irreconcilable with the Ontological Trinity; with God’s Pre-Mosaic revelations; with the Mosaic Exodus; and with the Post-Exodus Pentateuch.   It is irreconcilable also with God’s revelations from Judges to Jeremiah, and from Ezekiel to Christ’s Advent.   It is irreconcilable with the youth of Christ Himself; with… Read more »

Calvin’s Mode of Baptism

Most Baptists seem oblivious of Calvin’s 20th April 1556 Sermon on Deuteronomy 30:6. There, he clearly declared:1 "In Baptism…the water is poured upon the head of a little child…. We indeed do baptize with water….   The Minister lays the water on the child’s head." Baptists often quote from Calvin’s Commentary on John’s Gospel, where it… Read more »