The Holy Spirit and the Calvinistic Westminster Confession

After the 'Theologian of the Holy Spirit,' John Calvin (1509-64), his views were enshrined especially in the 1647 Westminster Confession of the British Puritans. The Spirit-drenched Westminster Confession of Faith (2:1) insists that "there is but one only living and true God, Who is infinite in being and perfection, a most pure Spirit." Nevertheless, "in… Read more »

The Antichrist in Scripture – The Popes According to Luther and Calvin

– 1 – "A profitless and fanciful belief about the imminent return of Christ had gained wide currency….   First [however,] there must come apostasy in the Church — and a great part of the World turn from God in faithlessness.   Indeed, Antichrist must reign in God’s temple…. "Under the Papacy there is nothing more well-known… Read more »

Quarterly Communion at Biblical Seasons Annually – 2001 ed.

'Seasonal Communion' throughout Holy Scripture 'Seasonal Communion' three or four times a year best harmonizes with the totality of Biblical teaching. Indeed, on the very first page of the Holy Bible, Gen. 1:14's "seasons" or moo'a:diym are not just climatic — but also liturgical (as further seen in Lev. 23:4-37 etc.). This is further evident,… Read more »

Quarterly Communion at Annual Seasons – 5th ed. 2003

                                                        INDEX   1.  The Seasons and their annual Feasts root in formation week at Genesis 1:14f  2.  ‘Seasonal Communion’ in Genesis 8:20-22 and thenceforth at the four Seasons  3.  The progressive inception and development of the four Seasonal Feasts  4.  The Passover and the other Seasonal Feasts each held annually  5.  Matthew Henry’s comments… Read more »

John Calvin on the Genesis of Genesis

-1 – "History," asserts Calvin, "is traced back through a long series of past ages….   Moses testifies….   He does not here put forward divinations of his own, but is the instrument of the Holy Spirit for the publication of those things which it was of importance for all men to know….   He does not transmit… Read more »

Jahweh – Jehovah

– 1 – In Exodus 3:14 God says: "I am Whom I am"; and in 6:1-3 He calls Himself "Jehovah." There, even the vocalization "Jahweh" seems to mean: "He is"; or "He causes to exist." So too in Genesis 2:4f,       In John 8:58, Jesus says: "Before Abram was, I am."   And in Revelation 4:8 (cf…. Read more »

Did Christ Die for Us or for All Poor Sinners in Calvin’s Last Will and Testament?

In life, Calvin himself wrote about predestination: "The human mind, when it hears this doctrine, cannot restrain its petulance, but boils and rages as if aroused by the sound of a trumpet."   Institutes III:23:1.   While dying, Calvin dictated and Chenelat then wrote down: "I confess to live and die in this faith which He has… Read more »

Calvin’s Mode of Baptism

Most Baptists seem oblivious of Calvin’s 20th April 1556 Sermon on Deuteronomy 30:6. There, he clearly declared:1 "In Baptism…the water is poured upon the head of a little child…. We indeed do baptize with water….   The Minister lays the water on the child’s head." Baptists often quote from Calvin’s Commentary on John’s Gospel, where it… Read more »