More Than One Archangel? – Who is “The Angel of the Lord”?

It’s time to revise many apocryphal “Christmas cards” (sic)!   According to Holy Scripture, there are not several archangels all of whom are creatures – but only one Archangel alias Leader of the created angels.   And that Archangel is the uncreated God the Son Himself.

‘The Angel of the Lord’ is the pre-incarnate Second Person of the Trinity.   This is the Christ-exalting doctrine of the infallible Word of God.   See Genesis 18:2 to 19:27 & 32:24-30; Exodus 3:2-14; 13:21f; 19:3 to 20:19; Joshua 5:13-15f; Isaiah 63:8-13f; Daniel 3:25; 7:13f; 12:1f; Zachariah. 3:1; Malachi 3:1 & 4:2 cf. Acts 7:30-33 & First Corinthians 10:1-4 & Galatians 3:19.