The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Man’s Origin and Destiny


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This writing is an update of my 1974 book The Origin and Destiny of Man.   These were lectures originally written for delivery at the (N.C.) Warren Wilson College, for the Christian Studies Center of Memphis (Tenn.).   The latter’s Chairman, Robert M. Metcalf Jr., later arranged for Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. in Nutley (N.J.) to publish the lectures in book form (copyrighted for the Christian Studies Center).   Later, the Christian Studies Center handed over its manuscripts and rights to American Vision in Atlanta (Ga.).

Mr. Robert Betts in the U.K. wrote to the author in Australia on March 16th 2001, after locating a copy of the book in a Christian library in Surrey.   Robert requested permission to make a paper and an electronic copy for his own study purposes — and so I asked him first to secure the permission of American Vision.

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