The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

25 Theses for a 21st Century Reformation


21. The work of the Christian Preacher or Christian Missionary is therefore not more important than the work of the Christian Biologist or the Christian Lawyer, nor vice-versa. Such attitudes are carnal, and reek of sanctimonious pride, and are in fact merely remnants of Romanism. The Church is not more important than the Christian state, nor vice-versa (see Rom. ch. 13). They are both parts of the Kingdom of God, and need each other. In the Church, the Christian Preacher is not more important than the so-called “Laymen” — nor vice-versa. Both are in “full-time service,” provided they serve the Lord with all their hearts. Neither are Preachers more important than Elders and Deacons, nor Blacks than Whites, nor vice-versa. They all need one another. There is, or rather should be, no such thing as “part-time service” of the Living God, Whose Kingdom is over all (Ps. 103). A “part-time service” of God is a backslidden service. All work of all kinds done to God’s glory is thoroughly “sacred” (Rom. 11:33 – 12:1f). But even the work of preaching — when done in a shoddy manner — is thoroughly “secular” (i.e. thoroughly conformed to this world or saeculum). See Rom. 12:2.   And all “secularized” Christianity, is thoroughly backslidden.

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