The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

25 Theses for a 21st Century Reformation


11. Because God created the universe, the state and society no less than He created the Church, none of them is Sovereign over against Him, yet each is (relatively) “sovereign” in its own sphere over against the other spheres. Each sphere is also “universal” in its own abilities. God should be recognized in all these spheres, and each sphere should promote the interests of the other spheres, especially where the latter recognize God.


12. When God had made the cosmos, He made man in His image and appointed man to rule over the cosmos for Him. Accordingly, man, as the ruler of the cosmos, is more important than the cosmos which is to be ruled by him. Man was more important than the rest of the cosmos before the fall, and man is more important than the root of the cosmos after the fall. So man’s salvation is more important than the salvation of the non-human creation.

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