General Writings

See Scripture Straight — not from the Loony Left, nor from the Romish Right!

No earlier than about A.D. 64, Peter's Second Epistle (1:16-21) insists: "We have not followed cunning-devised fables!   We made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and were eyewitnesses of His majesty….   We heard!….   [Yet,] we have too a more sure word of prophecy….   Know this — that no forthtelling… Read more »

Peter: No Pope, or Pentecostalist, but Protestant!

761.  The Holy Spirit and Peter in the Synoptic Gospels The Synoptic Gospels are Matthew, Mark and Luke.   All of them were written probably in the sixties of the first century A.D., and contain much overlapping material.   The Gospel of the Apostle Matthew seems to have been recorded first — and that of the ‘Petrine’… Read more »

Outline for “Culture in Biblical Perspective”

This is a 1976 chronological outline for an expansion of my article Kultuur en Godsdiens and my books Calvin on the Sciences and Man’s Origin and Destiny and The Central Significance of Culture – after the latter was approved by Potchefstroom University for my M.A. status in Culture (Kultuurkunde) under the direction of Professor Drs…. Read more »

Luther’s Jenseitige Eschatology

-1 – Jenseitig!   Unlike the theologically-impoverished English language, German has a fine word to describe "the life hereafter" alias "the life after death." Jenseitig — "on the other side of"; or "hereafter in the next life."   And that, notwithstanding the paucity of German compared to Dutch and English books thereon in modern theological literature after… Read more »

Jahweh – Jehovah

– 1 – In Exodus 3:14 God says: "I am Whom I am"; and in 6:1-3 He calls Himself "Jehovah." There, even the vocalization "Jahweh" seems to mean: "He is"; or "He causes to exist." So too in Genesis 2:4f,       In John 8:58, Jesus says: "Before Abram was, I am."   And in Revelation 4:8 (cf…. Read more »

God’s Methods for Christianizing our Modern World

God has not left us in the dark as to how to overcome Anabaptist (and all other deleterious) influences even in our modern World!   Those methods are:  firstly, the powerful preaching of the Gospel; secondly, the ‘improving’ (or daily living-out) of one’s own baptism; thirdly, the joyful outworking of the preached Word of God; fourthly,… Read more »

God Triune in the Holy Bible

"God Triune, at the start, created the heavens and the earth….   And the Spirit of God Triune kept on moving….   And God Triune [as the Father, in the Spirit] spoke forth [His Son or Word]….   And God Triune said: ‘Let Us make mankind!’….   Like Adam, they have broken the covenant….  But with you, [Noah,] I… Read more »

God and Science in the Light of Genesis 1-9

God pre-existed our entire universe.    He alone is the One True Key for interpreting everything He created and signifies everything God made -– Heaven, Earth, light, air, plants, sun, moon, stars, water creatures, air creatures, land animals, and His sole image man.  Science, means God's image man's ever-deepening attempt to scrutinize all that he surveys.   As… Read more »

Everlasting Rest: Sabbaths Old and New – The Lord’s Day Covenant Till the Unending Day of Glory

 -2-                                                      Table of contents 1.   The Pre-Mosaic weekly sabbath. 2.   The Mosaic Old Testament sweeps through to the New Testament finale. 3.   The New Testament life of Christ the Second Adam and Lord of the Sabbath. 4.   Christ’s resurrection as the hinge of history. 5.   The sabbath on Christ’s Sunday resurrection. 6.   The sabbath… Read more »

How Christians Shall Destroy the Antichrist

From Corinth, Paul wrote his Second Epistle to the Christians in Thessalonica.  Since he had left them, many had backslidden from his own solid and Biblical Postmillennialism.   They had lapsed into screwball Quasi-Zoroastrian Premillennialism.   Indeed, they had falsely assumed that Christianity would shrink — and Jesus soon return to rapture His ‘imperilled’ Church, before the… Read more »