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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Man’s Origin and Destiny

Mr. Robert Betts in the U.K. wrote to the author in Australia on March 16th 2001, after locating a copy of the book in a Christian library in Surrey.   Robert requested permission to make a paper and an electronic copy for his own study purposes — and so I asked him first to secure the permission of American Vision.

Gary DeMar, Executive Director of American Vision, graciously informed Mr. Betts on March 20th 2001: “You are free to make a copy of the book.   By now, the copyright has returned to the author.”

As the author, I then told Mr. Betts to go ahead, and he kindly sent me an electronic copy so that I could then update and republish the book myself.   In doing so, apart from simplifying the style throughout,  the only refinements of any importance are: expansions to the doctrine of creation; trinitarianization of the section on anthropology; fine-tuning of the section on hamartiology, and elaboration of the section on eschatology …

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