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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

The Sins of Adult Rebaptism and of Leaving One’s Babies Unbaptised

The Westminster Larger Catechism 108 & 112 rightly insists that the Second Commandment requires the proper “receiving of the sacraments. Matthew 28:19.” Indeed, the Third Commandment requires that the “sacraments…be holily and reverently used…by an holy profession.”

Consequently, the Westminster Larger Catechism 177 also requires “that baptism is to be administered but once with water — to be a sign and seal of our regeneration and ingrafting into Christ. Matthew 3:11 & Galatians 3:27.”

According to both Holy Scripture and the Westminster Standards, being unbaptized is a sin! Omitting to have also one’s baby baptized, is to break the Law of God.

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