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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

The Sins of Adult Rebaptism and of Leaving One’s Babies Unbaptised

God solemnly warns us not to neglect getting the sacrament of initiation administered to our own babies. See Francis Nigel Lee: Have You Been Neglecting Your Baby? On the Serious Consequences of Withholding Baptism from the Infants of Christians.

In Genesis 17:10-14, God demands that all covenant babies “must needs” receive the sign of the covenant — or be “cut off” from God’s people for “breach” of the covenant! Commented Calvin: “As God adopts the infant son in the person of his father, so when the father repudiates such a benefit — the infant is said to cut himself off from the Church…. God indeed will not acknowledge those as among His people, who will not bear the mark and token of adoption!”

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