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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

The Sins of Adult Rebaptism and of Leaving One’s Babies Unbaptised

Indeed, the Westminster Larger Catechism 166 requires that “infants descending from parents either both or but one of them professing faith in Christ…are…to be baptized. Genesis 17:7f; Galatians 3:9f; Colossians 2:11f; Acts 2:38f; Romans 4:11f; First Corinthians 7:14; Matthew 28:19; Luke 18:15f; Romans 11:16.”

Rightly does the Westminster Confession 28:4f therefore conclude that “also the infants of one or both believing parents are to be baptized…. It be a great sin to contemn or neglect this ordinance! Luke 7:30 & Exodus 4:24-26.”

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