The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Brothers Because of Bloodshed

Feb. 18th 1994: “We do hope Miekie [my daughter Annamarie] gets a suit-able position soon. Tell her that I am sure the Lord is on her side, and that she believes this and awaits His pleasure. The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways…. I prayed to the Lord to help…. Praise the Lord!”

April 24th 1994: “God’s richest blessings…. God bless you all!” His last letter to me, May 14th 1994, said: “Just received missionary letter, which makes very interesting reading…. We can only live from day to day in His grace.” Grace! Amazing “grace” — my father’s last word to me!

And now, on July 17th 1994, he has been torn away from us. He is not here at his grave, for his soul has been resurrected already — into Heaven! Why should we then seek our living brother in his empty grave? For later also his wife and their child shall go to him — and then always ever be with our Saviour! I can best express my feelings in the following words of a great South African hymn (which I here translate from Afrikaans into English):

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