The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Brothers Because of Bloodshed

“Mr. Witbooi, if you wish, I will leave this jail right now. But if you prefer, I would be privileged to show you right now how you too can become a Christian. Which is it to be?”

Mr. Witbooi then tried to look me in the eye. He said: “Sir, would you

please show me how to become a Christian?” I then realized that the four policemen in the room had all put down their pens; had stopped working; and were straining their ears listening to us. So I said: “Officer, could you kindly get us a Bible?”

The officer went galloping out of the room, and immediately returned with a Bible — and put it onto my lap with great respect. I opened it at John 3:16, and asked Mr. Witbooi whether he could read. When he so indicated, I handed him the Bible and asked him to read it. Loudly and clearly, he read it out, and then said: “I am too big a sinner!” But I replied: “Mr. Witbooi, it says here ‘whosoever’ — and that includes you too, if and when you put your trust in Jesus.”

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