The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Brothers Because of Bloodshed

After her conversion to the Protestant Faith at Muizenberg near Cape Town during 1958, Auntie Maud started a Sunday School in her garage for children of the Coloured Community — and also taught them many Christian Songs. She of-ten also gave some of her son’s religious tracts to interested persons.

After their retirement, Auntie Maud and her husband Uncle Syd settled down in Barrydale. There, in their sixties, they both decided to become Members of the Dutch Reformed Church. Auntie Maud’s Catechist, the Dutch Reformed Minister of Barrydale, told her son at the time that she was able to recite every answer of the Short Compendium (or Catechism) by heart. There-after both Auntie Maud and Uncle Syd remained Communicant Members of the Dutch Reformed Church in Barrydale, even after their only child moved first to America and then to Australia as a Seminary Professor in Systematic Theology, to train theological students overseas for the Gospel Ministry.

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