The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Brothers Because of Bloodshed

Doctor, I am sure no man on Earth but only the Lord knows my conscience. Yet I am happy for the sentence laid upon me. Therefore I do not wish to talk about that again. For God has taken all my burdens upon Himself.

Consequently, I praise the Lord for all His good deeds which He as our Saviour keeps on dedicating to us. So, rejoice together with me! For when He comes — I shall go to heaven together with Him. Praise the Lord!

Dr. Lee, I have a friend here who would like to correspond with you and the Church. His name and number is Hendrik Jansen, number 95714670. He says that the message you brought us here, touched him as if he were here for the same crime [as I am] — although he committed a different crime [than murder]. But the words were too true. Praise the Lord!

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