The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Brothers Because of Bloodshed

Auntie Maud, as her dear friends in Barrydale called her, was born on March 31st 1908 in England — and married there. She and her elder sister Rita were raised very strictly in the Roman Catholic Faith. Similarly, both sisters educated their children in and for the Roman Catholic Church. When Auntie Maud was expecting her only child Nigel, she gave him to the Lord — with the sincere prayer that he would later become a priest in the Church of Rome. She raised him with this in mind.

It was when Nigel was six years old that he last saw his Auntie Rita’s three sons. All of them, together with Nigel, then promised one another to serve the Lord in His Church. Rita’s children Peter and John and Tony all studied for the Roman Catholic priesthood. Their cousin Nigel, however, when seven years old, went with his mother Auntie Maud to South Africa, the land of his father’s birth. There Nigel grew up; became a Christian by the grace of God; had the great privilege of leading both of his parents to the Lord Jesus; and then became a Reformed Church Minister.

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