The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Brothers Because of Bloodshed

On October 3rd, just a few hours after he learned from her doctor in Swellendam that Auntie Maud was terminally ill, her son received a letter from his deceased father’s assailant from the Buffeljags River Prison. That letter came from the person accused in 1994 of having assailed and killed the deceased Uncle Syd Lee — the person whom Auntie Maud’s son Dr. Lee had in 1994 visited in the Swellendam Prison and then led to the Lord.

In the above letter, that criminal asked both Auntie Maud’s son and God for forgiveness for the murder he committed against her deceased husband. After her son had translated that letter from Afrikaans into English and read it out to his theological students in faraway Australia on October 4th, more than one of them was visibly moved to tears. Ninety minutes later, the son received the news that his mother had just died, and had left Swellendam for her Father’s Heavenly Home above.

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