The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Brothers Because of Bloodshed

You request me to ask our Christian brothers and sisters here if you can write to them to strengthen your faith, and to pray for your land of crime, and ask for help from the Father. I shall translate your recent letter and my answer to it and pass both on to our own Minister, our Presbyters, and also to our Theological Lecturers and Students; and too, with your greeting, to Rev. Knapp and his congregation. I note too your other request, Mt. 5:42. I answer with Ex. 21:12-19 and Acts 3:4-6. Please never mention this request to me again.

Pray for me, as I retire from work in the next few years. As I will then have no income from work, my wife and I will then need to live carefully, from what we have been saving over the years for our old age. But you are still young! You have prospects within a few years of being able again to work for money, of helping to care for your parents as I did for mine, and of also saving for your own old age. We are happy you cannot complain about the Prison Staff and your Fellow Prisoners there. Please read Psalms 90 to 92!

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